Carpet stretching is required when carpets become loose and baggy. Many people will describe their carpets as being “Wavy’” or sometimes “Wrinkled”

This is often caused by carpets not being properly stretched when first laid, or sometimes by being badly relaid by other tradesman after being taken up to allow for building works etc.

In most cases I can re-stretch the carpets by using a standard knee kicker carpet stretcher. This will produce a good job in about 70% of cases where a carpet needs to be stretched.

For more difficult cases it is sometimes necessary to use a carpet power stretcher such as you can see me using in the photo. This machine will produce a much better, tighter stretch than using knee kicker alone particularly when it is large open areas that are being stretched.

The normal procedure involves lifting the carpet from the edges and stretching it as required. The surplus is then trimmed off from around the perimeter and the carpet re-fitted, leaving it smooth, flat, safer and thereby extending its life expectancy.

It is not always necessary to completely empty the room of furniture in order to stretch the carpet though obviously it is better if this can be done. Often I can achieve a good result by moving the furniture from one side of the room to the other and stretching the carpet one side at a time

I also clean carpets, if you were thinking about having your carpet cleaned at any time in the future then you might consider this to be a good time to have that done and thereby minimize disruption as this can easily be done after the carpet has been stretched

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